NJ ELEC Introduces Electronic Filing System for New Jersey PACs

April 3, 2019

After years of filing paper reports, New Jersey PACs now have the option to file their regular campaign-finance reports using ELEC’s new electronic system.

The new e-filing system is available now for New Jersey PACs and other committees, though ELEC will continue accepting paper reports throughout the rest of 2019. Starting for 2020 reporting, ELEC anticipates eliminating paper filings entirely, with all committees required to use the e-filing system at that point.

While the new e-filing system will represent something of a transition for PAC and other committees who are accustomed to the traditional paper filings, it is recommended to begin using the e-filing system starting with the first quarterly report of 2019 (due on April 15, covering all transactions occurring during January – March of this year). Because PACs operate on a calendar-year reporting basis, all New Jersey PACs can start with a clean slate in the e-filing system for 2019. Although it is possible to switch from paper filing to e-filing after the first quarterly report is filed, making this switch mid-stream will result in re-entering transactions from earlier quarters to ensure the accuracy of later reports.


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