FEC Contribution Limits for 2015-2016

February 10, 2015

Last week, the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) released increased contribution limits for individuals for the 2015-2016 federal election cycle. Certain federal contribution limits are indexed for inflation and are increased in odd-numbered years.

Under the new limits, individuals may now give up to $2,700 per election to a federal candidate committee and up to $33,400 per calendar year to a national political party committee. The limits upon permissible contributions by individuals to federal PACs and to the federal account of state, district, and local party committees are not adjusted for inflation. Like the previous cycle(s), contributions to PACs are limited to $5,000 per calendar year, while contributions to the federal account of a state, district, or local party committees remain subject to the combined limit of $10,000 per calendar year.

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