Innovative Legal Services for the 21st-Century Fashion Business

At Genova Burns, we realize the importance of industry specific focus groups. Our Fashion law group draws on our decades long experience in labor and employment law, intellectual property, licensing and franchising, copyright Law, counterfeit litigation, transportation, logistical challenges of import/ export, business transactional law, retail leasing and real estate, and general counsel services.

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Maria Fruci and Kathleen Barnett Einhorn lead the Fashion Focus Group Maria Fruci and Kathleen Barnett Einhorn lead the Fashion Focus Group

The world of fashion, in particular, evolves faster than the legal landscape. Genova Burns LLC’s Attorneys stay on the cutting edge of the 21st-century Fast Fashion business.

Labor and Employment
From labor agreements in textile mills half a world away to exclusive contract agreements with runway talent, Genova Burns leverages 30 years of Labor and employment experience. Our Human resource and business transaction attorneys will assist you in compliance, at home, on the runway or a world away.

Intellectual Property, Licensing, and Franchising
The potentially daunting landscape of intellectual property is complicated in the world of Fashion. Genova Burns attorneys have significant experience litigating trademark, copyright, trade dress, unfair competition, and licensing matters. What sets you apart from the crowd is your creative skills, and we at Genova Burns have a proven track record of success in protecting clients’ registered and unregistered assets.

Litigation comes in all shapes and sizes. Genova Burns is prepared to handle any of your sophisticated commercial claims from inception to successful conclusion.

Business Transactional Law
Your fledgling label is a few steps away from being a commanding presence on the runway. Attorneys regularly advise members of boards of directors, the Board as a whole as well as senior executives and advisors on the full range of corporate governance, ethics, and compliance issues. Genova Burns has decades of experience in business law and transactional matters that impact your label’s success. We can assist with Asset-Backed Financing, Corporate Agreements, Executive Compensation, Franchise Law, Acquisitions, Tax Matters, and Venture Capital and Emerging Companies work.


Photo of Kathleen Barnett Einhorn

Kathleen Barnett Einhorn


Photo of Maria R. Fruci

Maria R. Fruci