Human Resource Training & Audit Programs

Genova Burns’s Human Resource Practice Group provides training and counseling to in-house counsel, Human Resource professionals, and management staff who seek to utilize preventative measures to avoid employment related claims, complaints and adversarial proceedings. Our twenty plus years of experience representing management in employment law matters has taught us that time consuming and expensive litigation can often be avoided through proactive risk management. Our experience has confirmed that many of the legal traps into which our clients have fallen could have been avoided with aggressive training of the appropriate employees, early intervention by management and practical, preventative legal counseling.

Genova Burns offers human resource and labor law training, counseling, and audit and compliance services, in all aspects of labor and employment law, including but not limited to the following:

  • Employment Laws Made Simple –  We provide an overview of state and federal employment laws, to whom they apply, how they operate and the ramifications for failing to comply.
  • Harassment and Discrimination Liability Risk Management – We train management teams on how to avoid pitfalls of hostile environment and other forms of discrimination liability under state and federal laws.
  • Institutional Compliance and Best Practice Audits – We provide top to bottom audits of client policies and procedures in place as a result of federal and state law or regulation, including CEPA or other whistleblower laws, discrimination, HR policies, Title IX, Clery Act, and similar statutory and regulatory requirements, and counsel clients on improving such plans or conforming policies to changes in the law.
  • Diversity Training – We offer training on the legal aspects of workplace diversity.
  • State and Federal Family and Medical Leave Laws –  We provide compliance and HR audit services in connection with complex maze of state and federal mandates.
  • State and Federal Disability Laws –  We have extensive experience on issues such as reasonable accommodations and avoidance of disability discrimination liability.
  • Hiring, Discipline and Termination –  We provide guidance on management techniques that minimize legal risk.
  • Hiring, Discipline and Termination –  We provide guidance on management techniques that minimize legal risk.
  • Wage and Hour Compliance – The firm’s experts provide audit and compliance services under the Fair Labor Standards Act and state wage and hour laws.
  • Employee Privacy Laws – We address electronic surveillance, medical privacy, searches, e-mail and internet policies.
  • The Legal Risks of Social Media –  We explain the risks surrounding employee use of social networking sites and describe practical remedies to overcome those risks.
  • Corporate Ethics and Internal Investigations –The firm has a group of attorneys who specialize in matters of corporate ethics and internal investigations. We provide advice on the creation of ethics policies. We also perform and train employers on how to conduct internal investigations.
  • Union Organizational Campaigns and Elections – We provide management training and election campaign training.
  • Maintaining Employee Relations in a Union Environment –  This training is uniquely designed for employers managing a unionized workplace. This training is particularly useful when an employer loses a union election or merges with or acquires a unionized entity.

Our training, audit, and compliance programs are components to a comprehensive risk management plan. The programs include prevention strategies and are designed not to be mere lectures, but are undertaken in an interactive context to encourage hands on training for each participant. The programs identify every day workplace scenarios and include guidance as to the manner in which each should be effectively handled. Before each training session, the trainer and the client will discuss specific issues which are of concern to the client, thus allowing the customization of the training to focus on the client’s particular needs. In addition, often times, a review and revision of the client’s applicable policies precedes the training, allowing the program to assist in the roll out and implementation of new policies.

For more information, please contact: Dina M. Mastellone, Esq.