Land Use & Approvals

The Land Use & Approvals Practice Group provides counseling on all phases of the real estate development process and the complexities of acquiring zoning, planning and other regulatory approvals. The representation includes:

  • Identifying and obtaining all necessary approvals from State, regional, county and municipal approval authorities
  • Appearances before planning and zoning boards
  • Appearances before State and regional agencies
  • Preparation of developers’ agreements
  • Opposition to third party appeals
  • Appeals of decisions of planning and zoning boards and administrative agencies
  • Challenges to local ordinances

The Land Use & Approvals Practice Group has as its foundation the experience of our attorneys in representing public agencies responsible for the implementation of redevelopment projects, as well as the representation of the private developer designated as the redeveloper for a particular site. This experience includes:

  • Investigation and designation of areas in need of rehabilitation and redevelopment
  • Preparation of redevelopment plans
  • Preparing and reviewing the qualifications of proposed redevelopers and effectuating the designation of private developers as redeveloper
  • Negotiation and preparation of redevelopment agreements
  • Consulting as to available financing, grants and public incentives for project development, including tax abatement and tax increment financing opportunities
  • Challenges to the redevelopment process, including illegal redevelopment area and redeveloper designations

Contact: William F. Harrison, Esq.
Chair, Land Use & Approvals Practice Group