Intellectual Property Law

Genova Burns understands that intellectual property can be a business’ most valuable asset, and counsels its clients through the minefield of government regulations and filings. Our team of attorneys has experience in a wide variety of IP transactions including, the acquisition and sale of intellectual properties, structuring licensing, royalties, distribution, franchising and other similar arrangements defining and allocating IP rights. Our attorneys assist clients in protecting and enforcing their intellectual property through negotiations and litigation. They have experience in litigating patent, trademark, copyright, trade dress, unfair competition and licensing matters in courts throughout the region and have successfully protected clients’ registered and unregistered rights.

The Intellectual Property Law Practice Group has experience in litigation and business law and commercial transactions in the following areas:

  • Name Reservation, Trade Names and Branding
  • Trademark and Copyright Registration
  • Domain Name Registration and Acquisition
  • Patent, Trademark and Copyright Litigation
  • Trade Secret, Trade Dress, Misappropriation and Unfair Competition Litigation
  • Licensing¬†and other agreements involving IP and likeness rights
  • Consultation and Counseling, particularly with respect to recent case law and newly enacted legislation.
  • Venture Investment and Due Diligence
  • Sale, Assignment, Acquisition and Divestment of Intellectual Property

Contact: Kathleen Barnett Einhorn, Esq.
Chair, Intellectual Property Law Practice Group