Dina Mastellone Recently Featured in CIO.com Article

Partner Dina M. Mastellone was recently featured in a CIO.com article entitled “Social Media Bans in College Sports Offer Lessons for Enterprises.” In the article, Ms. Mastellone discusses recent policies that restrict social media use by collegiate athletes and offers insight into questions regarding colleges’ and employers’ restrictions on social media when balanced with freedom of speech rights. For the full feature and Ms. Mastellone’s advice on how employers can avoid trouble with the NLRB, please click here.

Dina M. Mastellone is the Director of the Human Resource Training & Audit Programs Group and a member of the Employment Law & Litigation Practice Group.

Rajiv D. Parikh Featured in Politico New Jersey

Partner Rajiv D. Parikh was featured in a recent Politico New Jersey article entitled “State senator wants to crack down on some political fundraisers” regarding potential legislation that would “ban political fundraisers from New Jersey if they don’t follow state election law.” Mr. Parikh offers insight as to why the courts may not find this type of regulation constitutional stating that “…enabling ELEC to ban someone from their chosen profession may be viewed as draconian and violative of individual rights and therefore subject to challenge.”

The entire article and further explanation from Mr. Parikh can be found here.

Rebecca Moll Freed Discusses Achieving Success on Flex Time Schedule in American Bar Association Magazine Article

Partner Rebecca Moll Freed was recently featured in an American Bar Association Magazine article entitled, “Women Flex into Success” The article focuses on attorneys from across the country who have achieved success while working on flexible schedules. When asked what guidance she would provide to attorneys who are interested in flex-time, Ms. Freed said, “When you work a flexible schedule, you can achieve a lot, but it can take you longer.” The key is continuing to seek feedback. “It’s always hard to ask, ‘What do I need more of’ and not be afraid of the answer.” But you need to find out the benchmarks and where you need more experience, and that requires a dialogue.” Achieving your goals also requires being flexible-just like your work schedule. “I was brought up to believe you can do and be anything and not to let anybody tell you differently.”

Ms. Freed is Director of the Corporate Political Activity Law and the Non-Profit and Tax Exempt Organizations Practice Group. She is also a member of the Public Contract Law & Bid Protest Litigation Practice Group. Ms. Freed served as Co-Chair of the firm’s Inclusionary Initiative from 2013 to 2015.

Genova Burns Newsletter July/August 2015

Click here to see the firm’s Newsletter for July/August. Updates include:

  • Genova Burns Prevails: recent victories focused on the firm’s Complex Commercial Litigation Practice Group
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Globest.com Interviews Eugene Paolino on Jersey City’s Baldwin Place

Partner Eugene T. Paolino was featured in a Globest.com article today regarding Baldwin Place, a nearly six-acre mixed-use redevelopment project in the Journal Square neighborhood in Jersey City, NJ that recently received site plan approval.

Mr. Paolino, a long-time participant in the redevelopment of Jersey City, described Baldwin Place during a presentation at the Jersey City Planning Board meeting this week.

“My take is that the design and development of Baldwin Place is an exciting and imaginative approach, not only in addressing the remains of our industrial heritage, but in doing so in a way that is appreciative and sensitive of the neighborhood,” says Paolino. “The redevelopment is thoughtfully designed to grow alongside the surrounding community, infusing quality housing options in a redevelopment site that has long needed attention in Jersey City.”

More than 4,000 new residences are currently planned for the Journal Square neighborhood in addition to Baldwin Place, including One Journal Square, a recently announced redevelopment that includes approximately 1,500 apartments and 100,000 square feet of new retail space and parking. Genova Burns also serves as counsel on the project. To read the entire article, please click here.

Eugene Paolino was born in Jersey City and has been practicing law in New Jersey for more than three decades. He brings a wealth of experience in commercial law and real estate development, redevelopment law and tax abatement, zoning and land use law, business law and commercial transactions, education law, and complex commercial litigation.

Charles Messina Offers Insight on Recent New Jersey Supreme Court Ruling in Law360 Article

Firm Associate Charles Messina’s insight was featured in a Law360 article about a recent ruling from the New Jersey Supreme Court.

The suit revolved around the installation of a faulty hot water system in South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton, New Jersey. The defendants claimed that the statutory window for claims of this nature had expired by the time the State filed suit. On Thursday, May 30, 2015, the New Jersey Supreme Court backed the Appellate Division’s 2008 ruling, holding, among other things, that the claims against certain companies involved in building the prison fell within the 10-year statute of repose.

The crux of the matter was the multiple “completion” stages for the different facilities that the hot water system connected to. While the central plant and certain inmate housing units were connected to the fully operative water system in 1997, some of the buildings were only completed and connected to the system in 1998, a significant one-year difference that proved crucial considering the ticking clock on the statutory window. Ultimately, the Supreme Court concluded that the installation was not substantially complete until it was connected to every building it would serve.

Mr. Messina was quoted in the Law360 article about how the court ruling could impact future construction projects. He opined that the decision could influence the way contracts for large, multiphase projects are negotiated in the future, particularly with respect to contractors taking greater pains to ensure that certificates of completion are incorporated and granted for certain components of such projects.

To read the full article, please click here.

Charles Messina is a member of the firm’s Complex Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law & Litigation, and Construction Law & Litigation Practice Groups.

Eugene Paolino Serves on Power Packed Panel at Inaugural New Urbanism Conference – Quoted in NJBIZ Article

Partner Eugene T. Paolino recently served as a panel member at the inaugural New Urbanism Conference, which was hosted by Rutgers Business School Center for Real Estate.

During an hour-long session, Mr. Paolino, along with a power-packed panel including Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, spoke about the development of urban waterfront areas. He discussed how the development successes that have been established on the “The Gold Coast” waterfront – including in Jersey City and Weehawken – have prompted urban development efforts further inland.

Referring to Jersey City, Mr. Paolino was quoted in an NJBIZ article about the conference saying, “(Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop’s) policies have encouraged development going further west, and developers have seen the value of that… They are moving further west as well and the market is there.” To read the full article please click here.

The panel took place at the Hilton Short Hills on May 1 and featured panelists from both the public and private sectors.

Eugene T. Paolino has been involved in significant Gold Coast projects such as the McGinley Square Redevelopment and the Liberty Harbor Redevelopment Area. He specializes in Commercial Real Estate & Redevelopment, Education Law, Business Law & Commercial Transactions as well as Complex Commercial Litigation.

Of Counsel Harvey Weissbard Pens Article for the New Jersey Law Journal

On January 29, 2015, Genova Burns of Counsel, Harvey Weissbard, J.A.D. (ret.) of the firm’s Appellate Practice, Alternate Dispute Resolution and Complex Commercial Litigation Practice Groups authored a piece for the New Jersey Law Journal entitled, “Let’s End the Grand Jury Charade.” The article focuses on the need to study state grand jury systems in light of the recent events in Missouri and Staten Island. The article ultimately questions the necessity for a grand jury at all.

Mr. Weissbard writes, “Far from its origin as a citizen buffer between the king and charges leading to trial, the grand jury operates in secrecy, with only the prosecutor present, and with few if any protections for the target of the inquiry. While in theory the grand jury is an arm of the court, modern decisional law has rendered that concept a chimera, at best. Restrictions are few, and proceedings are nearly immune from meaningful review. The grand jury has, we suggest, little to commend it. But what should replace it?”

To begin the conversation, and perhaps reformation, Mr. Weissbard suggests that an extensive study of the entire judicial process be conducted with input from all interested parties.

To read the full article, please click here.

Eileen Fitzgerald Addison Quoted in Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Article Regarding Google/Apple Antitrust Settlement

Eileen Fitzgerald Addison was recently quoted in a Society for Human Resource Management article, “HR, IT Weigh in on Google, Apple $415 Million Settlement in Antitrust Suit,” concerning Apple, Google and other tech giants’ $415 million antitrust settlement to 65,000 highly-skilled technology workers for colluding to restrict workers’ wages and prohibit them from getting better job offers. In the article, Ms. Addison provides a Human Resources perspective and discusses the impact of the settlement and offers a reminder to employers that they cannot not collude to restrict employees’ mobility. Ms. Addison also offers advice to employers that operate in states that allow non-compete agreements that they may still protect their proprietary interests by having employees sign non-compete agreements, either as a condition of employment, or upon separation. Please click here to read entire article.

Ms. Addison is a member of the Human Resource Practices and Employment Law & Litigation Practice Groups. To learn more about the Human Resource Practice Group, please click here.

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